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Sit strong, stand easy
Move Small is an original design, specifically constructed to move with the body. The soft edges of the seat alongside the rounded base allow for an extended range of motion. Move Small can easily transition from high to low sitting, it requires less weight than the Move and has a smaller seat for petite individuals. Our versatile sit-stand chair is great for an agile environment at work or home, and pairs perfectly with height adjustable desks.Maximum waiting time varies between up to 4 weeks or up to 10 weeks depending on product.



REVIVE fabric is 100% recycled polyester.

FAME fabric is 88% Wools of New Zealand / 12% Polyamide

Designer: Per Øie

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For both MOVE and MOVE small the same gaslifts are used.
The difference is the seat-dimension between these 2 products.

The wooden base on Move is made from top quality beech plywood from European forests. The choice of material reduces the tendency of wood to split and prevents expansion and shrinkage. For a beautiful finish, our plywood is covered with ash top veneer, manually sanded and coated with water-based, non-toxic lacquers. Our gas lift is made in Germany. It is empowered by high-pressured gas, making the height adjustable mechanism smooth, reliable and long-lasting. The foam seat is designed to ensure ultimate seating comfort. It offers unparalleled support and flexibility for years to come.

Move is NEAT™ Certified
Consistent movement throughout the day, however small or inconsequential it might seem, can add up to big health benefits. Developed by Mayo Clinic, NEAT™ or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is the measurement of all of these movements. NEAT™ certification designates products that increase energy expenditure (caloric burn) by at least 10% against a baseline established against a standard baseline. Test participants saw an average increase in energy expenditure of over 18% above sitting in a standard office chair.

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Weight15.5 lbs
Dimensions17.5 × 16.24 × 8.5 in

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