Sit-Stand Chairs

Our bodies are made to move. A Varier sit-stand stool follows every move you make. Every chair in our sit-stand stool category strengthens your core and back muscles, helping you maintain a natural, upright posture.

In fact, research shows that the use of standing chairs increases workplace productivity.

Move – Sit Stand Stool

Sit strong, stand easy

The Varier Move sitting standing stool is a classic. It was designed in the 80s by Norwegian designer Per Øie and has set the status quo for nonconventional sitting. It has a distinct design that is not only recognizable but also functional. It provides your body support for continuous movement while sitting or standing. The Move sit-stand chair is an ideal work chair and complements any height adjustable desk.

The wooden base on the Move active sitting stool is made from top-quality beech plywood from European forests. The choice of material reduces the tendency of wood to split and prevents expansion and shrinkage. Our plywood is covered with ash top veneer, manually sanded, and coated with water-based, non-toxic lacquers for a beautiful finish. Our gas lift is made in Germany. It is empowered by high-pressured gas, making the height-adjustable mechanism smooth, reliable, and long-lasting. The foam seat is designed to ensure ultimate seating comfort. It offers unparalleled support and flexibility for years to come.

Designer: Per Øie

Motion – Saddle Stool

The saddle seat meets the modern office chair

The Varier Motion – a height-adjustable, saddle-shaped chair was introduced in 2017. The handy button underneath the seat adjusts the height of the Motion saddle stool smoothly and quickly, giving you exactly the height you need. The rubber base provides support for a 360° swivel range of motion. The enclosed foam base gives your body optimal circulation, even when you are not consciously thinking about it. Due to the man-made, recyclable material, the Varier Motion is lightweight.

The Varier Motion is functionally designed with manufactured materials to precisely shape each part of the chair. The saddle-formed seat consists of high-quality foam and ensures maximum seating comfort. Our gas lift from Germany is empowered by high-pressured gas, making the height-adjustable mechanism smooth, reliable, and long-lasting. The base is made of Vibraflex, a material that absorbs vibration and provides stability in all positions.

Designers: Salto & Sigsgaard