Stimulate your body and mind, and keep the conversation flowing. Varier tilt chairs have a gentle tilting function that inspires soft, natural movements. With your lower back perfectly supported, you can lean back or forward with ease.

The open design inspires smooth, leisurely movement, and helps you maintain a dynamic posture at the dinner table, or in the meeting room.


Varier Active’s saddle-shaped seat gives your legs space and freedom of movement. Stretch them out in front of you and lean back, or place them underneath you for that active, forward-leaning tasking position. The backrest gives you support just where you need it, while the arm rests support your arms and upper body when leaning backward. Castors and 360-degree rotation give you the mobility you need. The height adjustable and customizable gas lift enables use at varying height work surfaces. Start the day at your desk, glide effortlessly over to a counter height work surface for a different task. Variér Active lets you move around while sitting, helping your body and mind to work at their best.


The Varier Actulum is an ideal seating solution for any room in the home or office. Whether dining or playing games at a table, working at a desk, sewing at a station, or just relaxing on a quiet afternoon, the Actulum provides the ultimate in support and comfort for your favorite posture position.


The Date padded dining and meeting chair is shaped to support vital elements of the seat, pelvic, spine and back contours. To enhance its comfort, this chair has a minimal backrest width for ease of movement and a tensioned sprung forward and reverse tilt mechanism. This mechanism permits this chair to support the body while lounging to sitting upright.


Invite is the ideal chair for those who like to pass time with friends – chatting freely and having dinner in good company. Invite is literally an invitation to relax thanks to its tilting mechanism, which allows you to move freely while effectively supporting the back.