Kneeling Chairs

In 1979, renowned Norweigan industrial designer Peter Opsvik created the furniture design that is now recognized as one of the 50 furniture designs that changed the world: the Variable balans kneeling chair.

The instantly recognizable Variable balans is THE original kneeling chair. Building from his seminal research and thinking on ergonomic seating and kneeling chairs, in 1991, Opsvik introduced Thatsit, which is an evolution of the iconic Variable balans.

Perfect for home or work, our kneeling chairs promote a sitting position with open body angles, and they keep important core muscles activated. Furthermore, Opsvik’s open design, free of mechanical parts, allows you to easily assume a wide variety of sitting postures.

The slight forward tilt of the seat encourages a proper (neutral) posture that reduces unwanted pressure and relieves stress and strain on the low back.

The curved runners, shaped precisely as specified by Opsvik, provide support while inviting your body to move – and do so constantly – without you ever having to think about it. While you concentrate on your work, our balans kneeling chairs work to keep you comfortable by preventing you from being stuck in unhealthy, static sitting postures.

All our kneeling chairs are made in Europe from the highest quality, eco-friendly components. Models are available in a variety of fabrics and wood finishes. Our kneeling chairs are made from top-quality beech plywood from European forests. The plywood is treated through an iterative molding process where several veneer layers are combined and glued. By applying combined heat and pressure, the layers are given their characteristic shape, making our Kneeling Chairs stand out from the crowd. All wooden parts are flexible and strong, ensuring a sitting experience that is never static. Our plywood is covered with ash top veneer, manually sanded, and coated with water-based, non-toxic lacquers for a beautiful finish.

The Original Kneeling Chair

Varier’s Variableʼs unique design and functionality make it an instantly recognizable icon. Throughout its 40 years of history, the gentle tilting motion and open-angle sitting posture have remained constant. The sophisticated kneeling design provides optimal comfort while gently switching between kneeling and the more traditional sitting posture. The Variable balans fits in nicely with all interiors, especially accompanied by a desk.

Designer: Peter Opsvik

Colorful and Bold

The Monochrome Series is a colorful homage to commemorate 40 years of history and innovation of Variable. All the distinct features of the original Variable remain intact while an entirely new palette of bold and muted hues is introduced. The wooden runners are treated with a water-based lacquer of the same hue as the upholstery, accentuating the chair’s iconic shape.

Designer: Peter Opsvik

An Advancement of the Iconic Variable

Featuring a fixed backrest with an upholstered cushion, the chair inspires you to vary between a wider range of sitting positions, while still providing the unparalleled functionality of the original kneeling chair. The backrest provides support when leaning back, shift your weight forward and the shin cushions offer support while you focus on the task in front of you. The curvature of the wooden runners is optimized, ensuring that finding and holding a balanced position is both effortless and intuitive. Variable™ Plus is suitable for use by any standard height table. The chair is available in a natural or black finish, and a wide range of upholstery fabrics and colors. The wooden parts are made from layers of beech and ash veneer.

Designer: Peter Opsvik

The Adjustable Kneeling Chair With a Backrest

Varier’s Thatsit adjustable kneeling chair with a backrest is a statement piece; consisting of bold, contrasting shapes that exude movement. Its classic, artful design supports your body like no other chair. From the concave backrest to the rounded runners, the Thatsit creates balance in all postures. Its dynamic positioning offers a seamless transition that makes constant motion basically undetectable. It defines any space with modern elegance and fits brilliantly in a work environment.

Designer: Peter Opsvik

Relax into complete weightlessness

Experience ultimate relaxation and weightlessness with Varier’s Gravity balans kneeling chair. The design classic supports your back and neck while continuously promoting flow and movement in countless positions. Fully reclined, the Gravity elevates your legs above your heart and rocks gently to the rhythm of your breathing. Leaning forward, it can be used as a kneeling chair. This unique combination makes it the ideal chair for the contemporary home and work environment.

Designer: Peter Opsvik

Wheeled Kneeling Chair

Varier’s Wing is a special exception to the Varier collection being the only kneeling chair with wheels. Designed in the early 80s, shortly after the Variable, the Wing wheeled kneeling chair has the same kneeling concept, but with an upgraded rock and roll. It gives you the option to glide effortlessly as you sit on the cloud-like cushions. The special design and functionality evoke sensibility. You can use it in any workspace and as a primary work task chair.

Designer: Peter Opsvik

Compact With Character

Multi is a funky chair that pushes the boundaries of conventional furniture pieces. Its sleek design, beautiful structure and supportive cushions offer a cool sitting alternative. Thanks to the wood knobs, the seat can be positioned in four different angles. Multi is compact and can lie completely flat, making it easy to carry or store. Along with the iconic kneeling design, it is the ideal all-rounder chair.

Designer: Peter Opsvik

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