Change the way we sit

We strive to redefine the norm of the chair as a static object, and make chairs that invite people to move when we sit.

Inspire people to live better by balancing aesthetics and ergonomics

By live better we don’t just mean sit better.
We mean focus, imagine, dream, challenge, talk, discuss, discover, rediscover, relax, lean, stand, tilt, tip, be upside down, play, create, work, sketch, prototype, take a break, laugh, scroll, stream, shuffle, read, nap, sleep, stand, and move better.

Everyday balance

Balance is not a static activity, but the mode of actively moving between postures and positions. So by designing for movement, we want our products to bring balance to everyday life – for mind and body, at work and at home.

The next position is always the best

40 years ago, Peter Opsvik reimagined conventional manners of sitting. Today, we wish to carry his legacy and continue to set people and spaces in motion. Whether that is tipping your chair, winding down, exploring new perspectives or standing
up for something.

Exceptional beauty

We believe that form follows function, but function alone is never enough. For us, design is only qualified when it has a unique aesthetic expression that is timeless, original and beautiful.

Ergonomic ease

Perfect posture doesn’t exist. That’s why we only create chairs that can be used in a variety of ways, for a variety of purposes with seamless transitions in-between. To us, ergonomics is not a medical approach, but simply putting people first in our design.


We believe that great designs can be passed on from generation to generation as heirlooms. That’s why we only work with materials and manufacturing techniques that can stand the test of time.

Creativity is play

We’re proud of our history of using creativity to push the field of furniture design. Therefore we always try to be open and spontaneous in our process, and regularly invite partners and creative talents to collaborate with us.


You are modern individuals and care about your body – with back pain or without. You are aware about your health and always search for new knowledge on how your lifestyle today affects your tomorrow. You value comfort, wellbeing and form that follows function.
Whether young or old, professional or amateur, we know you because we share your passion for ergonomic design.

Modern organizations
Businesses. Universities. Institutions. You are the organizations that dare, challenge and imagine. You care about your work environment and the health of your employees.
We are relevant, because we can set you in motion, culturally and creatively and support you in your search for the next big idea.

Creative professionals
You are curious creators who live where yopu work and work where you live. you make conscious decisions, for people and the planet. You care about your wellbeing because you want to live a healthy life, but also to keep up with the latest trends. You are opinion-leaders who drive change, inspire others and have direct influence over design projects.
We know you because we share your motivation to design, be unique and challenge convention.