Varier is a furniture company based in Oslo, Norway.

We design and produce high-quality, ergonomic chairs that invite people to move while they sit.

Since 1979, Varier products have led the way in innovation within our field and inspired creativity in workspaces and homes worldwide. We believe that we can live healthier and more sustainable lives by being in balance. To us, being in balance means a mixture of stability and movement. Our versatile collection of chairs reflects our commitment to human-centered design, focusing on people’s needs as a starting point. Simply put, we bring color, play, and function to ergonomics.

Our chairs have been meticulously designed in close collaboration with some of the most tradition-breaking and unafraid Scandinavian designers, including Opsvik, Øie, Ekstrøm, Salto, and Sigsgaard, who has been widely recognized for their positive effects on health. Peter Opsvik took furniture design and turned it upside down in the 1970s. He was an ambassador of the revolutionary.

Our Designers

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