Commercial and Medical Solutions

Discounts are available for Commercial and Medical Solutions: corporate wellness, hospitality, fitness centers, spas & salons, medical facilities, multi-family, and government.

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Challenging Our Sedentary Lifestyle

Our mission is to move the human body. For our ancestors, physical activity wasn’t scheduled into daily life – it was life. By developing new sitting solutions, we can change the way we sit and offer dynamic variation for the body.

The human body is the ultimate movement machine.

With more than 360 joints and 640 muscles, our bodies are made to move. Movement is central to all human activity. When we move, we thrive.


For many of us, our way of life requires that we sit for long periods at a time. In fact, we spend about eight hours a day sitting. At work, at home, at meetings, during travel, and in the classroom. And when we sit, we tend to sit still.


Our bodies are made to move. To tilt, rock, turn, pivot, extend and flex. At Varier, we design chairs that enable your body to move. By doing so, we take some of life’s passive moments and make them active. That means more time each day to engage and strengthen your back. That is sitting the way nature intended.


Active sitting inspires continual, controlled movement. Our body intuitively seeks the ideal position, and the next position is always the best. Active sitting means our whole bodies are engaged and in motion, which reduces stress and increases circulation. The result is we feel stronger, healthier and our concentration improves.


Products Specifically Designed for Commercial and Medical Solutions:

  1. Variable™ balans®
  2. Move™
  3. Motion
  4. Wing™ balans®
  5. Multi™ balans®
  6. Thatsit™ balans®
  7. Actulum™