Reclining Chairs

The Varier recliner category collection offers perfect support and relaxation for your body, from effortless comfort to unmatched variability.

Each innovative chair design encourages steady, gentle movement while you relax. Swivel, turn, tilt, or fully recline. With just the slightest movement, your body glides easily from one sitting position to another in total comfort.

Relax into complete weightlessness

Experience ultimate relaxation and weightlessness with Varier’s Gravity balans chair. The design classic supports your back and neck while continuously promoting flow and movement in countless positions. Fully reclined, the Gravity elevates your legs above your heart and rocks gently to the rhythm of your breathing. Leaning forward, it can be used as a kneeling chair. This unique combination makes it the ideal chair for the contemporary home and work environment.

Varier’s Gravity reclining kneeling chair is made from top-quality beech plywood from European forests. The plywood is treated through an iterative molding process where several veneer layers are combined and glued. By applying combined heat and pressure, the layers are given their characteristic shape, making our Gravity kneeling recliner stand out from the crowd. All wooden parts are flexible and strong, ensuring a sitting experience that is never static. Our plywood is covered with ash top veneer, manually sanded, and coated with water-based, non-toxic lacquers for a beautiful finish.

Designer: Peter Opsvik

Total support and undeniable elegance

The Varier Peel swivel seat with a footrest has a sculptural expression, and its organic shape carefully embraces the body and invites relaxation. The chair combines stylish form and function, where the freedom to move is a central design element. With an integrated tilting mechanism, the chair seamlessly follows the body’s natural movement.

Designer: Olav Eldøy

Maximum comfort - compact design

Varier’s Kokon has a modern spirit, unlike the traditional tilting recliner with a footrest. It supports your body within its natural state by incorporating a gentle tilting function in the base. The soft lines of the chair showcase its sophisticated design without compromising comfort. Complemented with the footrest, this soft yet structured chair assists in pure relaxation.

The Varier Kokon is an upholstered recliner chair with a full 360° swivel rotation. Featuring a hidden tilting mechanism, it seamlessly follows your body’s natural movement and once you are most comfortable, allows you to simply lock your position. Kokon consists of sculpted foam that wraps your body in a variety of reclined positions, providing a winning combination of support and flexibility.

Designer: Thomas Pedersen

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