Active Classrooms

active classrooms

The advantage of an active classroom utilizing the Move™ sit-stand stool is its versatile usability. Due to its adjustable height, the Move active sitting stool fits any desk. The tilted base provides a wide range of movement.  Making it easy to lean forward or quickly move to a different position a few meters away. The Move stool is active seating and a real energy booster. It constantly encourages movement and keeps the children in the active classroom perfectly balanced between active moving and, most importantly, active learning. Deep in the hills of North Carolina, just outside of Asheville, is a high school called the Academy at SOAR. It is an adventure-based school that offers experiential learning to support high school students with ADHD and other behavioral challenges. Research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2017 followed 8000 middle-aged and older adults in the United States for 4 years. They concluded that the average American is sedentary for 12.3 hours for every 16 waking hours in a day. It also found that those with the highest cumulative hours of sedentariness had higher incidences of all-cause mortality.

All students – not just those with ADHD – could benefit from rethinking the layout and function of the classroom.

The Newton Rooms – Active Classroom

Healthy Active Sitting Classroom Standing Desk Chairs The Newton Rooms offer hands-on learning within science and technology to Norwegian school kids. To make the learning experience as valuable as possible, all Newton Rooms are equipped with Move sit-stand stools.

It’s not just any other school day when students spend their classes in a Newton room. It’s a day full of activities inspired by jobs that shape the future of our planet. For two days, school children put on safety glasses and lab coats and become engineers, scientists, and experimenters. In a Newton room, a facility equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and technology, children get motivated to learn about natural science, mathematics, and technology. Dedicated teachers conduct practical lessons and workshops according to the creative curriculum of the schools. This includes energy and chemical experiments, programming robots, geological field trips, and more.

There are 31 Newton Rooms in Norway.  The first ones are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. FIRST, Scandinavia developed the initial active classroom concept. FIRST Scandinavia is a foundation dedicated to science concepts and projects for children and young people. It has been a success: over 32.000 children visited a Newton room in 2015/16, five times as many as in 2008/09.

Office Standing Desk Stools for Active Sitting

The Value of Healthy Sitting

The architecture and interior of the Newton Rooms are thoughtfully designed so that each student can get the most out of the lessons and workshops. The creators also considered the value of healthy, active sitting solutions. Rigmor Angler, Concept Manager of the Newton model: “In the Newton Rooms, the school kids work very hands-on with different projects. Naturally, they must swiftly move between the working stations in the open landscape, the laboratories, and the auditorium. That’s why we chose the Varier Move chairs which allow the kids to use their body and to move constantly, even when they are sitting.”

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