About Varier Furniture

Varier Furniture being the founders of movement sitting since 1979, movement has been the essence of our brand and a central element in every chair we design. Our theory about sitting is very simple: if we’re allowed to move, we move!

The varying postures come from natural, intuitive movement that will increase your well-being.

Varier Furniture provides people an entire lifestyle, one that inspires healthy sitting and overall wellness. We have incorporated ergonomic function that is both visually attractive and physically supportive. Through the unique combination of unparalleled quality, modern design and ultimate comfort, Varier chairs give freedom of movement to the body – just like nature intended.

Peter Opsvik Original Kneeling Chair Designer

Come join the movement.

Sit down. Move on.

Varier Furniture Active Sitting Chairs

Today Varier designs and manufactures chairs that move with your body.

With roots in the Norwegian company Stokke – renowned for the Tripp Trapp high chair – Varier was formed when the ‘Movement by Stokke’ range became an independent business.

Movement is a central design element of every Varier chair. The Varier range includes iconic chairs such as the Variable™ balans®, the original kneeling chair designed by Peter Opsvik in 1979. Varier continues to work closely with leading ergonomic designers to create chairs that rethink sitting.

Based in Oslo, Norway, Varier chairs can be found in the homes, offices, clinics, and educational institutions of over 40 countries around the world. With subsidiaries in Italy and Germany, and exclusive distributors in USA, Japan and South Korea, Varier maintains a strong global presence.

To know more about Varier’s history, please visit our Global website.

Varier Furniture Active Sitting Chairs

Discover how Varier chairs are incorporated in homes and studios across the world. The spaces we visit serve as a reflection of the people living and creating within them. Let their stories serve as a source of inspiration, or better yet share your very own Varier story.