Active Walking Business Meeting

10 Steps To Increase Your Daily Movement.

Your Movement Checklist.

Diligent, sustained focus while working doesn’t mean that you can’t move. Motion is vital. Staying active while your work may help you think more clearly, concentrate more effectively, be more efficient, get more done and feel better while marking items off your to-do list and completing tasks. None of these should be distracting; the idea is to make them habitual and work them into your routine.

1. Move regularly (roll your shoulders, stretch your arms, extend your legs, roll your feet)
2. Stand up for phone conversations
3. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
4. Walk with colleagues to talk shop
5. Make some meetings “stand-ups”
6. Walk to the break room to fill your water bottle
7. Park your car further away from the entrance
8. Put items out of reach to stretch for them
9. Invest in an active sitting chair and/or a standing desk (and use them)
10. Track your movement electronically

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