Ergonomic Chairs to Revolutionize the 2023 Office Workplace

2023 ergonomic chair
Ergonomic posture chairs have revolutionized the workplace, allowing workers more seating variety and flexibility. These chairs have numerous health benefits and provide optimal comfort. We carry Varier’s line of kneeling chairs because they are the original kneeling chairs designed by Peter Opsvik in the 1970s and over the years, these chairs have proven themselves to effectively blend comfort, variety, and health in every design. Let’s talk about Varier’s ergonomic chair options and why they have become so popular worldwide.

What Is An Ergonomic Chair?

The word ‘ergonomic’ refers to something designed for adeptness and comfort in a working environment, which means that an ergonomic chair encourages proper posture and comfort while you work. Most people use them as a health-conscious alternative to traditional office chairs. Varier’s office standing stool chair is the perfect solution for any standing desk. Standing desks are good for your body’s posture. Sit-Stand stools can help burn more calories and fight off obese behavior. Standing chairs have been shown to improve students’ attention and cognitive functioning. New research now indicates that standing chairs may similarly boost productivity in adults at work. The office kneeling chair situates you in a kneeling position–with your shins and knees supported by shin pads and the rest of your body weight on a forward sloping seat. However, it can also be used in other positions, and some versions even have backrests to allow for more sitting variety. Varier’s ergonomic kneeling chairs align your body and shift your core weight forward. It promotes better posture and prevents upper and lower back pain.

Benefits of Ergonomic Stools and Kneeling Chairs?

Ergonomic kneeling chairs and standing stools for standing desks are a great solution to most health concerns related to spending long periods in a sedentary position. These chairs can reduce chronic back, neck, and arm/hand pain; they can also strengthen muscles, improve posture, promote good health, improve your comfort, and even enhance your ability to focus on work. To experience the following kneeling chair benefits, experts recommend a slow transition from a standard office chair to an ergonomic standing stool or kneeling chair, as it can take some adjustment to become fully balanced and comfortable utilizing these ergonomic seating solutions.

Better Posture

Ergonomic kneeling chairs promote good posture and keep your body in a more natural position without you having to think about it. Ergonomic chairs align your neck, shoulders, and back by forcing you to sit up straight and tilting your pelvis forward. Good posture helps you breathe better, improves digestion, prevents your spine from misalignment, puts less pressure on your organs, and prevents pain. It even makes you look taller and healthier.

More Back Support

You may have noticed that sitting for long sessions can cause significant back pain. Ergonomic chairs position your body in a more natural curve and shift your weight forward as you support your body with your shins and core. The combination of purposeful positioning and weight shifting takes the pressure off of your lower back and spinal disc. This means that even when you use an ergonomic posture stool without a backrest, your back is still better supported than in a regular chair. As a result, you’ll experience less slouching, stiffness, and back pain with an ergonomic kneeling chair.

Allows for Active Sitting

Although the phrase may sound like an oxymoron, active sitting is possible! Active sitting is any position that engages one or multiple muscles while you sit. Ergonomic kneeling chairs force your body to use its upper, lower back, and psoas muscles and thus strengthen your core. Active sitting can have positive health benefits like improving your metabolism, blood circulation, and respiration. It can also tone your body and boost energy levels. Sitting in any position for too long can put harmful pressure on your body, so it is important to use a chair that allows you to move and shift your body every so often. An ergonomic kneeling chair can be used to sit in several healthy positions, such as kneeling, sitting sideways as you would on a stool, leaning against the backrest–either forwards or backward, and so on. Some computer kneeling chairs also rock forward to prevent any hunching when you lean forward. Rocking in your chair can help keep you active. All of this movement will help fight carpal tunnel, neck strain, chronic pain, and other health problems.

Varier’s Ergonomic Seating Solutions

Varier chairs are some of the best ergonomic chairs on the market. They were designed by Swedish/Norwegian/Scandinavian furniture designers like Hans Christian Mengshoel, Oddvin Rykken, Peter Opsvik, and Professor Svein Gusrud. Here are some products that will promote good health in your working environment.

Variable Balans

Varier ergonomic kneeling chair Variable Balans

Known as the original ergonomic kneeling desk chair. The Variable Balans is an ergonomic kneeling stool with a classic design, featuring a slanted seat to enable an open hip angle, two separate shin pads to shift your weight forward, and a curved frame to allow for gentle rocking movement and active sitting. The backless design allows for even more active sitting, as it better engages your core. However, we offer the option of an added backrest if preferred. These ergonomic stools can be used in a sitting or kneeling position for more variety and movement.

Thatsit Balans 

Varier ergonomic kneeling chair Thatsit Balans The Thatsit Balans is an ergonomic kneeling office chair that features the same slanted seat, two shin pads, and curved frame of the Variable Balans. It also includes a supporting backrest or chest rest, depending on your position and mood. Creative users will come up with even more adjustment opportunities. The back rest allows for more sitting variety and back support if you need the occasional break from the standard kneeling position. The adjustment features allow for a customized fit, so the chair will fit all body shapes and sizes.

Wing Balans ergo kneeling wing

The Wings Balans is a wheeled desk kneeling chair that allows for more mobility. If you need to be able to move around your workplace easily, using a wheeled chair like this would be a good solution. It is fully adjustable for all types of bodies. It features a slanted seat and one large pad for both shins. Keeping you in the same ergonomic position as other ergonomic kneeling chairs do. It does not have a backrest. Therefore it is built to fully engage your core.

ergo reclining kneeling gravity Gravity Balans

The Gravity Balans is an ergonomic kneeling chair recliner that allows countless ergonomic seating positions, including kneeling, seated, and recline positions. It will fully support your back and neck with a back and neck rest. It also has a curved base to allow for rocking movement, keeping you more active and leaning back or moving forward without slouching. The chair even elevates your legs above your heart to improve blood flow. Because it is so versatile, it is a great option for those looking to fully replace their office chair.


ergonomic standing stool

Varier Move sitting standing stool is a classic and has set the status quo for nonconventional sitting. It has a distinct design that is not only recognizable but also functional. It provides your body support for continuous movement while sitting or standing. The Move sit-stand chair is an ideal work chair and complements any height adjustable desk. The wooden base on the Move active sitting stool is made from top-quality beech plywood from European forests. The choice of material reduces the tendency of wood to split and prevents expansion and shrinkage. Our plywood is covered with ash top veneer, manually sanded, and coated with water-based, non-toxic lacquers for a beautiful finish. Our gas lift is made in Germany. It is empowered by high-pressured gas, making the height-adjustable mechanism smooth, reliable, and long-lasting. The foam seat is designed to ensure ultimate seating comfort. It offers unparalleled support and flexibility for years to come.
Move Compact

ergo move standing desk chair

Move Compact is a continuation of our classic sit-stand chair, Move™. What separates this model from its predecessor is its smaller seat and base and lower range seat height, making it even more lightweight and easier to move around. The chair is compatible with height-adjustable and regular desks alike and is optimal for the home office or any other place where you might want variation. The rubber fixture under the seat allows you to place the chair on the tip of your desk when you’re done for the day. Like the Larger Varier Move, the Move Compact foam seat is available in various upholstery options. The base is made from beech plywood covered with an ash top veneer. The surface is manually sanded and coated with a water-based lacquer available with a natural or black finish. The integrated rubber disk makes Move™ Compact suitable for use on all kinds of floor surfaces.
If you’re ready to make the switch to an Internationally respected ergonomic chair, Varier chairs can help you find the perfect ergonomic chair fit. Contact Varier.

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