Varier x Ingrid Bredholt

Varier x Ingrid Bredholt

Future Holds is an interdisciplinary design collaboration between Varier and Norwegian designer Ingrid Bredholt. Working without the constraints of complying with traditional ideas of what a chair is supposed to be, the collaboration transcends borders between art, fashion, and furniture.

Future Holds showcases a selection of Varier chairs that have been re-dressed and altered. Forms are changed and chair skeletons are exposed, still, the icons are easily recognizable.

The collaboration sets forth in-depth studies of the nature of materials used in making the chairs, as well as everyday objects. Wooden frames and runners are either untreated, lightly oiled or soap washed to give room for patina and aging. A wide range of natural materials have been used as upholstery: mountain shearling, woven wood leaves, and salmon leather to mention some. Other chairs act as an antithesis, featuring bright colors reflecting the artificial and man-made. One chair is covered in shiny, genuine leather stating the words “fake plastic”. Another recalls a giant chewing gum.

Varier x Ingrid Bredholt Creative collaboration is one of the main pillars of our history and process. In the same way, that those daring designers came together decades ago in the name of innovation and disruption, we have joined forces throughout the years with fresh voices within the design industries. Bredholt has an industrial design background and has worked as a fashion designer since 2013. Future Holds is a project built on a mutual appreciation for innovation, form, and fine craftsmanship. Supporting long-lived products in the intersection of design, fashion, and art.

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