Explosive Brilliance in the Billions

Taylor is a brilliant chief investment officer at Axe Capital. She is usually the smartest person in the room. So when the Variable™ balans® kneeling chair appears in the Axe Capital mediation room with Taylor  – you know it’s a smart move.

The Kneeling Stool that is Stealing the Show

The Variable balans kneeling chair has made several appearances in Season 3.  The iconic chair will continue to be seen through the series, so keep an eye out and see if you spot it. Dealing with the stress of managing billions of investor dollars and the SEC, it is easy to see why the original kneeling chair, Varier’s Variable™ balans® is such a good choice for Axe Capital. But really, you don’t need to have that much stress in your life to appreciate the benefits of the ergonomically awesome Variable kneeling stool.

Once you’ve sat on a Variable balans, you’ll never want to go back to your old way antiquated form of sitting.
The iconic design gently tilts the pelvis forward and encourages a natural, dynamic, and upright spine. The muscles in the abdomen and back engage to keep the spine straight and the body balanced.  Strengthening core muscles and preventing back and shoulder tension. It also improves circulation, boosts energy levels, and helps increase concentration.

Ergonomic & Sustainable

Ready to add the Variable balans to your meditation room, office, or home? Created well over 35 years ago, it’s as timeless as it is stylish and ergonomically precise. Varier has committed to a healthy lifestyle for our customers and our planet. Revive, one of our newest fabrics, is responsibly manufactured from post-consumer recycled polyester(PET) and is specially created with a focus on reducing the environmental impact both in production and natural resources.

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