Five Reasons Active Seating is the BEST Gift this Holiday Season

Why should you give a movement chair for Christmas?

Giving presents is not the easiest task. People are constantly checking out new products and ordering online before you can surprise them. Or they already have everything and don’t know what they want. But no need to worry, we got it covered:

movement chair

Check out five reasons you should gift a movement chair to your favorite person this year:

    1. It has an incredible story.
      Did you know that some of our iconic chairs date back to the 70s and 80s? Take the Variable balans, for example. Norwegian designer, Peter Opsvik, designed it in 1979 to prove there is more than just one way to sit correctly. His competitors were pretty surprised when they saw the rocking kneeling chair that didn’t even have a backrest. But it proved his point and helped people worldwide sit – and move – healthy. Almost 40 years later, the chair is still being sold all over Europe, the USA, Japan, and Hong Kong. A movement chair allows for the user to sit, kneel, and/or spread out.

      The Move is another icon invented by Norwegian designer Per Øie, in 1985. He wanted to give creative and manual workers the most freedom to move around at a table, on a canvas, or in front of an orchestra.

      Today, the Move is popular with office workers who want to stay active during the day. It even burns calories, thank you very much!

    2. Our chairs have survived through decades of design and interior trends because they’re simple, stylish, and functional. It’s that easy.
    3. It’s a total surprise.
      OK, so when did you ever give a chair to someone? It’s pretty unusual, yet such a good idea! A chair is one of those things that people need but doesn’t often think about. When you then present them with a cool design chair that is comfortable and healthy, they’ll be thrilled for sure. All of our chairs available on our webshop function as office chairs, so you really only need one, and not a set of four or more. And who doesn’t love a new IT – piece for work? It upgrades their workspace and makes colleagues super jealous!
    4. It’s actually good for you.
      All of our chairs encourage you to move. Since most of us sit for most of our day, we definitely need that extra movement. It strengthens your core and back muscles, gives your inner organs more room to function how they’re supposed to, lets you concentrate better, and even burns calories. So really, throw out your old office chair. It’s killing you!
    5. It lasts for a really long time.
      All our chairs are made in Europe from sustainable materials. EU Ecolabel-certified suppliers manufacture the non-treated New Zealand wool. The wood from Greece is coated with water-based, non-toxic lacquers. Every piece of fabric is sewn by hand in Poland. All our chairs have a warranty of at least five years, and our customers have been using them for several decades.

Great news for a sustainable Christmas!


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