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Make your office move

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We sit too much, a reality with health implications so dire that James Levine, a renowned Mayo Clinic doctor, warns that “sitting is the new smoking.”

We’re here to tell you that deploying Active Sitting in your workplace can take your team in a markedly more healthy and productive direction.

Sit Down. Move On.

Use is completely intuitive. Move’s rounded base encourages constant movement and engagement of the whole body, thereby eliminating the unhealthy, static postures associated with traditional “ergonomic” office chairs. If sitting is the new smoking, then the Move is how your team can kick the habit.

Move’s design supports an upright, dynamic posture, activating and strengthening core muscles. The Move standing chair makes it easy to tilt, pivot, reach, and rotate 360°. The open angle between the upper and lower body improves circulation, boosting energy levels and concentration. The Move standing stool encourages proper posture, significantly reducing the discomfort and lost productivity associated with back pain.

The Benefits of Balans

Variable balans is the kind of chair that quickly grows on you. After you’ve sat on it for a few days, you’ll never want to go back to your old way of sitting. Designed by Peter Opsvik in 1979, Variable balans is the original kneeling chair.

A Varier classic, the seat gently tilts the pelvis forward and encourages a natural, dynamic and upright spine. The muscles in the abdomen and back engage to keep the spine upright and the body balanced, which strengthens core muscles and prevents back and shoulder tension. The angle between the upper and lower body increases, greatly improving circulation. As the body moves from an active to a relaxed posture, the flexible runners respond with a gentle pendular motion.

Move is NEAT™!

No, that’s not an opinion; that is a fact. NEAT™ or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis was developed by Mayo Clinic and is the measurement of all the little activities you do throughout the day that impact energy expenditure and cardiovascular health. NEAT™ certification designates products that increase energy expenditure (caloric burn) by at least 10 percent against a baseline, in this case, established by a standard office chair. Test participants saw an average increase in energy expenditure of over 18 percent when using a Move!

Varier ergonomic sit-stand chair Move GRAY

Learn More About NEAT™ Certification

Varier ergonomic sit-stand chair Move RED

Classroom Standing Desk Chair

Interested in trying an Active Seating demo?

Introduce your office to the benefits of active seating and make your workplace happier and healthier. Click the link on the left to apply for a demo Move or Variable balans to test in your office.

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Want to learn more about a healthy workplace?

Our Corporate Kinesiologist Stevyn Guinnip

We aren’t just trying to sell you Active Seating – we’re true believers too.

Office Standing Desk Chair

Every employee in our company uses a Move or a Variable balans. In 2016 we donated 90% of our traditional office chairs, provided all our team members with sit-stand desks, and paired every desk with movement seating, even our sit-stand meeting areas. Everyone loves them, including our office pups!

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