Reap the Benefits of Moving Your Body More Every Day.

Let’s Get Moving.

Many people make a living being sedentary. It’s not something we should be ashamed of, just something that has become ingrained in our culture. Activity, in the past, was built into a typical workday. As our society has changed, the activity that was once a part of daily life has been replaced with sedentary jobs requiring little to no physical activity.

What we know about the daily benefits of activity.

In a recent Annals of Medicine post, it is suggested that being sedentary is detrimental to our health. Not good news for the average adult who is sedentary for 12.3 hours every day during waking hours! Our health depends on us spending a large part of our day moving! 8 hours a day at a desk-bound job can harm our health. The good news is there are simple solutions! At Varier, we believe homes and offices should consider a rethink of their antiquated seating with some active sitting solutions.

Add Activity to Your Work Day

Proactive solutions.


Popular culture may be trying to make things easier, so make the real goal of taking little steps toward making your health a priority.  Incorporate a minute of walking time when you need to retrieve copies. Say “walk with me” when a coworker wants to discuss something. Take a lap around the office or the block while you talk.


A great start is shifting the way we spend our days at the office and modifying how we design our workspaces.  Office equipment and furniture should have the goal of limiting the total time you are sedentary, which is crucial to improving our health.  Furniture that allows and encourages you to move throughout the day is called active sitting and has substantial health benefits.


There are also tools to incorporate more movement into your day, like wearable technology to track caloric burn and steps, as well as alarms that remind you to get up and move.  It’s an easy fix if you are sitting at your computer to set a little alarm as a reminder!

Great news.

Making small changes with significant health benefits has never been easier.  You can easily make improvements to your health. Just increase your active time by 2-4 hours a day with just a few of the solutions above.

For more information about incorporating movement into your workday, contact Varier.

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