Capturing Contrasts

Spending time behind the camera is not only a creative outlet for Mia Mortensen, it is an all-encompassing passion. The talented Dane’s photography acts as an equal ode to slow Sunday mornings as to creative storytelling through shapes and colors. Portraying motifs ranging from portraits to still lifes, she often aims her lens at corners of her own home – a playfully curated space, where contrasts rule and Ekstrem fits right in.


You have an impressive portfolio, ranging from portraits, and interiors to editorial shoots. What is it about photography that you enjoy so much?

I really like playing with light, colors, shapes, and lines. I enjoy the entire process from when the idea starts in your head, to the final result. It is a creative process all the way, which can be either easy or chaotic – but I love how you, through styling, lighting, and varying techniques, can create an image that either conveys a certain mood, a story, or an aesthetic feel.

Many would say that the objects we surround ourselves with have an effect on how we feel. What is important to you when choosing pieces to bring into your home?

I totally agree, and I also feel the same way about light and colors. I choose pieces that fit the structure of the room and use bold colors to boost energy and spark inspiration. I use natural tones when I want a calmer feel. I often re-decorate my home and change up the interior. It’s a reflection of the way I feel, and I obviously don’t feel the same all the time. This also coincides with my job as a photographer, where I’m in constant search of new inspiration, exploring new ways of integrating shapes and colors.


How would you describe your interior style?

I really love mid-century interiors and playing with contrasts, textures, and shapes. I use natural tones as a base and add contrasts with bright colors, sculptural objects, and lighting. I choose wall colors to go with the warm or cool tone from the sunlight, which depends on the way the room is facing – varying the amount of grey, cyan, green, and magenta.

You have a soft spot for second-hand shopping as well, what sparked this interest?

I love the idea of discovering something that can’t be found in regular stores, and that you can change your interior in a more sustainable way.

We are so excited to see our Ekstrem chair in your wonderful home. When did you first notice Ekstrem and what has been your experience with it since you got it?

My first encounter with Ekstrem was when I was young, visiting a friend at her parents’ house. I had almost forgotten about it until I saw it in Eva Lumikello’s beautiful home. I was immediately drawn to the wild shape and cozy feel – and of course the color! I spent a year studying Occupational Therapy when I was 20, so I know how important comfort and positions are for our bodies. When I sit in Ekstrem I feel the chair enclosing my back and legs, which is really relaxing. My boyfriend says that it is his favorite “Fifa chair”.

Tell us about your journey on social media, how did you get started?

We bought an old townhouse in a city near Aarhus and I wanted to enhance the original details of the old building with a history, and all the nature around it. So, I decided to create an Instagram account and started posting very simple and minimalistic images. We moved to a bigger house a couple of years ago, the one we live in now, and it had more opportunities in regard to the interior and we really found our style. I began posting photos of the renovation and our vintage midcentury finds.

And what about your Instagram name, Still Sunday, is there a story to it?

Starting out with Instagram I would post very simple, aesthetic photos with a melancholic mood, soft lighting, and muted color tones. I wanted to convey a feeling, a feeling of a soft place you don’t want to leave. The feeling you have on a slow Sunday morning when you know Monday is right around the corner.

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