How Long Do You Sit? Take The Quiz!

What is your movement number?

Take the quiz below and find your movement number. In one to two minutes you will have a gauge on your daily movement and some ideas on how to move more each day.

Your Movement Number is a simple, unscientific assessment. Think of it as a gauge to measure your kinetic motion and daily habits. If you move enough, your Movement Number will be higher; if you have some improvements to make—incremental, simple and steady—then your number will be lower. It’s a conscious, personal way to set a benchmark and progress toward improved overall health.

YES/ NO    Rarely do I just lounge around or am lazy.
YES/ NO    Time spent watching TV and/or on the computer is minimal.
YES/ NO    My daily commute is less than 20 minutes either way.
YES/ NO    I usually take the stairs, if given the opportunity.
YES/ NO    Walking briskly is enjoyable and I like to do it often.
YES/ NO    Maintaining an abdominal plank for 90 seconds is achievable.
YES/ NO    I walk an adequate amount (10K+ steps, 3+ miles, etc.) every day.
YES/ NO    My back feels good (no stiffness, pain) while at home, work and play.
YES/ NO    At work, I engage in active sitting and/or use a standing desk.
YES/ NO    Friends sometimes ask, “Where do you get all your energy!?”

All done. Tally up your score.

Count the number of times you answered YES:
9-10 = Keep up the good work! You move like a pro.
6-8 = Great progress on making movement part of your day. Check out our checklist for ideas.
3-5 = Make movement your resolution. Check out our checklist for ideas.
0-2 = Embrace movement, and you will feel better. Check out our checklist for ideas.

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