NEAT™ Certification

NEAT Certification

Sit Down. Move On. Get Healthy.

A Mayo Clinic study has now confirmed that using a Varier Move® in place of a regular office chair significantly increases caloric expenditure and may deliver long-term health benefits.

NEAT Certification

Consistent movement throughout the day, however small or inconsequential it might seem, can add up to big health benefits. It was this simple idea that inspired Dr. James Levine of Mayo Clinic to coin the term NEAT™ or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.

The philosophy (and the real science that backs it up) is that small changes to daily habits can mean BIG things regarding overall health and wellness. It’s the same philosophy that inspired the thinking behind the Varier Move.

NEAT™ describes the body’s energy expended when not at the gym, not out biking or running, and not scaling Mt. Everest. In other words, NEAT™ is a measure of the effect of activity that comprises most of a person’s typical day. The higher someone’s NEAT™, the more calories they’re burning. Over time, high NEAT™ behaviors and choices can add up to real improvements in cardiovascular health, help with weight loss, and improve overall health.

It doesn’t take much to increase your individual NEAT™ or the NEAT™ of large groups of individuals. An ambling 7-minute walk after lunch, choosing to stand at your desk for part of your workday, walking to the SECOND closest bathroom, far parking, or (as shown by a recent study) using a Varier Move are all easy ways to increase NEAT™. Put these small, simple changes in action daily, and you have a compelling health plan for the non-exercise part of your day. Do this every day, week, and year, and you can reap significant health benefits over time.

Mayo Clinic’s study examined 30 individuals of varying ages, body types, and gender. The test results showed that a Varier Move increased thermogenesis by an average of over 18% compared to sitting in a regular office chair. As a result, the Varier Move is now officially a NEAT™ certified office product.

Tested and proven by Mayo Clinic, we know that using a Varier Move in place of a conventional office chair is one of those small, important steps you can take toward better health.

Varier Move! Pretty neat, right?

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