Deskercise With Coach Eddy

Enjoy the freedom of active sitting with Edward ‘Coach Eddie’ Bergersen, a personal trainer and movement therapist based in Geneva, Switzerland. Coach Eddie has tailored a set of exercises for your chair that are easy to perform during short breaks in your busy day.

Rethinking Materials

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle… Revive. Varier maintains a commitment to a healthy lifestyle not only for our customers but also for our planet. Revive, one of our newest fabrics and the standard quick-ship fabric is responsibly manufactured from post-consumer recycled polyester (PET) and is specially created with a focus on reducing the environmental impact both in production and natural resources.

Enjoy The Freedom To Move & Feel Better

Sitting for any lengthy period of time, even if the position is ergonomically accurate, can cause back pain. Experts say that you shouldn’t sit still for more than 30 minutes at any time. Back pain can be prevented, however, with attention to proper techniques for sitting, working and exercising.

10 Steps To Increase Your Daily Movement

Staying active while your work may help you think more clearly, concentrate more effectively, be more efficient, get more done and feel better while marking items off your to-do list and completing tasks. Get started with 10 steps to increase your daily movement.

How Long Do You Sit? Take The Quiz!

Take the quiz and find your movement number. In one to two minutes you will have a gauge on your daily movement and some ideas on how to move more each day.

Get Up and Move!

Do you have discomfort in your neck, arms, hands, shoulders or hips after a day of sitting at work? Get up and move! Active sitting makes you stronger, better, faster. Our innovative chairs are made for healthy sitting that allow you to tilt, rock, turn and pivot.

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