SOAR Moves!

Academy at SOAR Just outside Asheville, North Carolina.  Nestled between the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Nantahala National Forest, is the Academy at SOAR.

The Chairs of Peter Opsvik

When a few of our chairs popped up in the trendy New York-based architecture and design magazine PIN-UP, we wanted to highlight some of our

Become Neat-er

Become a NEAT™-er Person

Purple, plum, and maybe eggplant is the best description of the color of his suit. Whatever you call it, I knew I was in for

Physical Adaptations For Well-Being

In today’s modern world there is an app for almost every situation. If something is wrong or needs improvement, we can pull out our iPhone and search for the solution. However, when it comes to our physical well-being, what we truly need is a physical adaptation to change the course of how we do things.

A Move In the Right Direction

“You are how you move,” or should it be, “You are how you don’t move?” Take a moment and ask yourself the above question, and

NEAT Certification

NEAT™ Certification

A Mayo Clinic study has now confirmed that using a Varier Move® in place of a regular office chair significantly increases caloric expenditure and may deliver long-term health benefits. Consistent movement throughout the day, however small or inconsequential it might seem, can add up to big health benefits. It was this simple idea that inspired Dr. James Levine of Mayo Clinic to coin the term NEAT™ or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.

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