Varier Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are useful for improving a multitude of various back problems.  Many ergonomic seating options support an ailing posture with either a chest or

the professional home

Professional Home

Utilizing unspecified spaces Today professionals’ houses used to be divided into rooms with specified functions. Today, life at home is becoming increasingly fluid. We find

Varier x Ingrid Bredholt

Varier x Ingrid Bredholt

Future Holds is an interdisciplinary design collaboration between Varier and Norwegian designer Ingrid Bredholt. Working without the constraints of complying with traditional ideas of what

Make your office move

Make My Office Move

We sit too much, a reality with health implications so dire that James Levine, a renowned Mayo Clinic doctor, warns that “sitting is the new

Capturing Contrasts

Spending time behind the camera is not only a creative outlet for Mia Mortensen, it is an all-encompassing passion. The talented Dane’s photography acts as

Active Sitting

Freedom to Move = Active Sitting Active sitting inspires continual, controlled movement. Our body intuitively seeks the ideal position, and the next position is always

active seating in the workplace

Active Seating in the Workplace

Healthier, happier workplace Introduce your office to the benefits of active seating and make your workplace happier and healthier. Active sitting on a Varier Move® or Varier Variable™



Danish quartet Liss were just teenagers when they first gained international acclaim with their debut single in 2015. The band, led by lead singer Soren

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